Tangible Results of Process Automation & Test Engineering

In the previous post, I described a production testing system where I was able to re-engineer an existing test setup. Along the way, we added a great number of automated efficiencies. So what were the results of this effort? The production line had been up and running three years before I got involved. In years 1, 2 & 3, the organization was able to ship almost exactly the same number of units per year. The problem was that the product was in high demand and units were stacking up awaiting test and calibration. Have a look at the graph below. In year four, I was able to implement the new automated process and ship the backlog of devices at a rate of 700% of the first the years’ shipments. Now in year five, we are on pace to exceed year four deliveries. The result? The organization cut prices by 20%. And the test technicians love the new setup. They hook the radios up for an overnight test and go home. In the morning, they update the test logs and go do other productive things for the rest of the day.


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